Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Finding a Future that Fits
Louise Presley-Turner
(Hay House Publishers)

If you want to make changes, but can’t afford the time or money to employ a life coach, then this is the book for you.
It’s not just a self-help book, it’s also a wake-up call to take stock of your life, get off the treadmill and reach for your dreams. Finding a Future that Fits urges you to become your own fairy godmother, to break free from “self-created comfort zones”, to grow, learn new things and enjoy a fulfilled life.

As well as being a leading life coach, author Louise Presley-Turner has the gift of being able to speak directly to the reader. It’s as if she’s in the room with you, urging you to be honest with yourself, to ask for what you want and to believe it will happen.
One of the interesting things about this book is that the author draws heavily on examples from her own life. She too had a job she didn’t enjoy, and never seemed to have enough money or time to spend with her family. Her wake-up call literally landed on her doorstep, and after that she just couldn’t  ignore the fact that things had to change.

And her enthusiasm is catching. The way she writes makes you feel as if we’re in this journey together, but she’s just a bit further along the road. She’s standing there at the next crossroads, shouting encouraging words to you to keep on going. She doesn’t let you believe for one minute that failure is an option.
Author and life coach Louise Presley-Turner
can help you find the right blueprint
Presley-Turner (left) shows you how to set goals that will stretch you, how to set goals that are realistic and how to set the goals that you really want. She also urges the reader to stop blaming past experiences for their present reality. “You are not responsible for the way you were raised, but you are responsible for what you do now.”

The book draws on tried-and-trusted techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy  (challenging limiting beliefs,) neuro-linguistic programming (visualisation and affirmation) as well as meditation and prayer – but wraps them up in a freshly written, easy-to-follow handbook.
The book is broken down into eight chapters of self discovery, which include: taking stock of your life right now; assessing how your beliefs affect your life; turning the volume down on your Inner Critic and allowing your Inner Guide to have a voice; uncovering your own unique blueprint, and learning to face your fears head-on.

Each session ends with a set of exercises and homeplay – steps to put your new learning in place. Far from being a tedious part of the book, which you just have to ‘get through’, the author clearly explains the value of these sections, and clarifies further with examples from her own life.

I found it best to start by reading the book through from start to finish – don’t worry, you too will be carried along on a tide of enthusiasm – as this helped me to follow the logical order of events. Then you can begin to work on the individual sessions.
This is a great little book if you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to do next. Why wait any longer? As the author says: “There is nothing holding you back now other than you!”


  1. Bless you Anne, thank you so much for such a positive and wonderful review.

    Louise Presley-turner


    1. Thank you, Louise. It's a truly inspiring read, as well as a practical solution to getting out of that rut.

  2. well done louise. You are so inspiring.


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